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Muslim Singles IRL

MC (Muslim Community) Match is a new way for single Muslim men and woman to meet in real life (IRL), with the specific focus of finding a marriage partner. Fostering the Islamic tradition of marriage, with the best of modern technology, we overcome the drawbacks of online dating, using a creative app with features that allow singles to make meaningful connections online, which can quickly lead to meetings at hosted live or virtual events.

The MC Match app facilitates exchanging contact and social media information, as well as facilitating conversations using mobile tools you are most comfortable using. If you’re tired of online dating apps, with all the associated issues (yeah you know what they are), and not feelin’ it with the matches the “rishta-aunties” are introducing you to through your mom, attend the next MC Match live or virtual event, coming soon to a city near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

In as MC Match event same as a speed dating event?

No, MC Match events are not speed dating events. We believe speed dating events don’t allow enough time for attendees to qualitatively get to know the other person, and in most cases, a few individuals get all the attention. MC Match events are custom designed to make sure there is a proper ratio of men-women and conducted in a fun, and nonchalant way. We work hard to put you at ease and give you ample opportunity to meaningfully interact with people you pre-selected as well as other attendees you may meet for the first time.

Is the MC Match app essentially another swiping app?

Not at all. Other swiping apps are purely an online swiping play while our method uses both online and live event to meet, mingle, and match. We focus on continued conversations and in-person meeting that together provide the whole picture of an individual.

How do I meet in-person with someone of interest?

Once you register for an upcoming event, you will be able to see the other attendees. After looking through their profiles, you can express an interest to meet with the selected people at the event.

At the live events, do I only meet the singles that I pre-select through the app?

Live events will have many eligible singles attending. You can meet those who you have browsed and pre-selected to meet, as well as any others who attend.

I met someone interesting at a recent MC Match event, but I didn't feel comfortable asking their contact. How can I connect with this person?

Before the event, you can browse the other attendees, and express an interest to meet. At the event, if you don’t feel comfortable, we provide facilitators who can introduce you to anyone you would like to meet. If you still haven’t met the person you wanted to until after the event, you can ping them through the MC Match app, and send them an invite to connect. Once they accept, you can communicate and exchange contact through the app.

Are MC Match events live or virtual?

MC Match events can be live or virtual (due to post 2020 Covid restrictions. Either way, the events are hosted and provide a professional and fun way to meet other like minded Muslims, who are interested in finding a partner.

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Interested in hosting a MC Match event?

If you are working with a Muslim organization, mosque, or community center, and are interested in hosting a matrimonial event with MC Match for the single Muslims in your community, please contact us at We can customize to your needs with fully hosted events including MC and moderators, or tailor the event to your specific situation.

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